GIPHY, “This Is Giphy!” Commercial

ROLE: Co-Director, Writer
To introduce Giphy the IRL world, we made a news report from the World Wild Web. In it, the hosts Greg and Gina debate how to pronounce GIF, we get a trending report from resident Mozzerellologist, Larry, a sports update from Rad Dogman, and a special birthday celebration.

Direction: Dark Igloo
Producer: Amber Schaefer
Writers: Kyle Sauer, Amber Schaefer, Dark Igloo
Acting: Dan Hodapp, Amber Schaefer, Damien Washington, Jo Firestone
Editing: Garret Weinholtz, Sascha Stanton-Craven, Rhys Stover
Sound Design: Nate Greenberg
Director of Photography: Chris Cannucciari
Line Producer: Alexander Toporwicz
Assistant Director: Steven Valle
Stylist: Holland Brown
Hair + Makeup: Brittany Romney
Art Department: Brooke Bamford, Iain Burke, Zoë Lotus

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Kyle Sauer is a director + designer based in Brooklyn, NY.