Interactive Art Piece

Made while in residency at Reitir, the international experimental art workshop in Siglugjordur, Iceland. Reitir includes professionals form all around the world with all sorts of expertise to the northern part of iceland to collaborate on public works that address the town of Siglufjordur in one way or another.
Hugarskot, Icelandic for Face Space, is multimedia installation modeled like a playground item on the outside - a multi-paneled hut with interchangable wooden features. Inside, pleasant music plays in a dark crawlspace while a video plays through two giant eyeholes.

In the video, we see a first-person perspective of various ‘characters,’ living their life around town: A fisherman, gardener, construction worker, lumberjack, cashier, shopkeeper, a kid, a teenager, a cook, and a dog.

A collaborative effort with Julian Glander, Lemke Meijer, and Baldur Snoraggsson.

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Kyle Sauer is a director + designer based in Brooklyn, NY.