GIPHY, “The Keys to Success” Commercial

ROLE: Co-Director, Writer

Giphy, the Internet’s GIF superdatabase, launched an iMessage integration called Giphy Keys. To display the benefits of using GIFs in your text conversations instead of those fussy, archaic ‘words,’ Sharon Gives and Guy Handley take questions from a live in-studio audience. Although the video in its entirety lived online, little clips from the audience flourished online and on social media, doubling as it own set of reaction-GIFs.

Directors: Dark Igloo, Kyle Sauer
Written by Kyle Sauer, Amber Schaefer & Dark Igloo Starring Tyler Harcourt, Natasha Williams, Sarah Grace Welbourne, Joe Rumrill, Abby Holland Produced by Traci Carlson
Development Producer Amber Schaefer
Production Manager Emily Pontecorvo
1st Assistant Director: Eric LaFranchi
2nd Assistant Director: Steven Valle
Director of Photography: Zachary Galler
1st Assistant Camera: Matt Manning
2nd AC/DIT: Jordan Bush
Production Designer: Rob Ebeltoft
Art Director: Sam Green
Set Dressers: Dave Stanfill, Kathryn Vega, Brooke Bamford

Production Assistant: Jake Longoria
Set Stylist: Nicole Bradford
Stylist Assistant: Brooke Bamford
Costume Assistant: Liz Kelley
Key Hair: Brittany Romney
Key Makeup: Emily Schubert
Gaffer: Rommel Genciana
Key Grip: Greg Meola
Best Boy Electric: David Gettens
Best Boy Grip: Albi Sala
Production Sound Mixer: Mike Reilly
Background Casting Coordinator: Harrison Lockhart
Production Assistants: Wilson Keithline, Nick Covell
Edited by PS260: Adam Epstein & Colin Edelman
Assistant Editor: Matt Burke
Sound Design: Plush

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Kyle Sauer is a director + designer based in Brooklyn, NY.